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Sunday, March 29th Dinner Specials

Appetizer: Grilled Peach wrapped in prosciutto over frisee salad with cherry tomatoes and toasted almonds with a mango glaze drizzle 10
Grilled Chipotle Mozzarella Chicken Burger with guacomole on sesame challah bread. Served with fries or salad 15
Grilled Lamb Burger in a pocket pita with artichoke-kale-slaw and tahini. Choice of fries or salad 16
Pan Seared Tilapia over roasted parsnips, sauteed plum tomatoes, and spinach with a white wine caper sauce 20
Chefs Salad diced steak over mixed greens, with cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, feta cheese and roasted red pepper dressing  19
Salmon Teriyaki with fresh ginger sauce, mixed greens, and 1 market side  19
Almond Crusted Trout served over mixed greens with sliced pears, avocado, and marinated red onion, with lemon-dill dressing  21
 **Scroll down for all of our market sides**


Creamy Butternut Squash (add marscarpone +1) 6
White Bean Cabbage (w/ crispy tortilla strips) 6

the westville market

1 market side - 6 / market plate (4) - 15

lemon grilled asparagus w/ Parmesan
sauteed kale w/ shallots
sauteed cherry tomatoes
sauteed broccoli w/ garlic
Asian style bok choy
soy glazed green beans [or] green beans w/ almonds
roasted fennel w/ Parmesan
artichoke hearts w/ Parmesan
roasted beets w/ walnuts [and/or] goat cheese
seared tofu [or] soy glazed tofu w/ broccoli & sesame
oven roasted mushrooms [or] grilled oyster mushrooms
zucchini w/ cherry tomatoes & mozzarella
garlic potato mash [or] pesto potato mash
snow peas w/ sesame & ginger
collard greens
cauliflower dijonaise
broccoli rabe w/ cherry tomatoes & Parmesan
green peas w/ shallots & bacon
roasted root vegetables: potatoes, parsnips, carrots, fennel, celery & onions
sweet potato fries
brussels sprouts w/ honey Dijon
herb polenta fries w/ marinara [or] yucca fries w/ spicy plantain ketchup
fried plantains w/ cotija cheese
seitan, artichokes & chickpeas in lemon turmeric sauce
sweet potato mash 
roasted butternut squash
Chinese broccoli
sauteed black kale w/ radicchio
watermelon & feta w/ fresh mint
warm quinoa w/ fresh fruit
grilled polenta


Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake / Turtle Cheesecake 7/7
Pumpkin or Chocolate Raspberry Whoopie Pie 4
 Cherry Pie a la mode / Heaven Cake 7/7
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