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Thursday, July 31st Lunch Specials

Ham Omelette - w/ arugula, onions, poblano peppers + mozzarella w/ toast & fries or salad 13
Salmon Frittata - w/ artichokes, green peas & parmesan w/ toast & fries or salad 12
Blackened Chicken Wrap - in a spinach flour tortilla w/ zucchini, white onions, avocado, mozzarella & salsa verde.  Served w/ fries or salad. 14
Crispy Salmon Burger - topped w/ avocado & chipotle mayo on portuguese muffin w/ fries or salad 15
Fried Eggs over Kale & White Cabbage Salad - w/ avocado, cherry tomatoes, red marinated onions, chickpeas, feta & roasted red pepper dressing 19
Chef's Salad - w/ diced steak over organic mixed greens, cucumbers, avocado, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, & roasted red pepper dressing. 19
Almond Crusted Trout over mixed greens w/ sliced pear, avocado, marinated red onions & lemon dill dressing. 21


 Gazpacho (add avocado $1) 6

the westville market

1 market side - 6 / market plate (4) - 15

artichokes hearts w/ parmesan
sauteed broccoli w/ garlic
roasted beets w/ goat cheese [or] walnuts
asian style bok choy
brussels sprouts w/ honey dijon
fruit salad w/ pineapple, canteloupe, blueberries, & honeydew
cauliflower dijonaise
sauteed cherry tomatoes
grilled fennel w/ parmesan
french fries or sweet potato fries
garlic [or] pesto mashed potatoes
soy glazed green beans
green beans w/ almonds
sauteed kale w/ shallots
mixed mushrooms w/ leeks and herbs
seared tofu
snow peas w/ sesame & ginger
lemon grilled asparagus
zucchini w/ cherry tomatoes & mozzarella
green peas w/ shallots & bacon
quinoa w/ pineapples, blueberries + mango
orzo salad w/ basil, peppers, and zucchini
crispy arugula polenta
tomato, basil, mozzarella salad
cucumber dill salad
fried plantains w/ cotija cheese
roasted fennel w/ parmesan
lentil salad w/ grilled eggplant, red & green peppers


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie a la mode 7
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